A Leader for Over 35 Years!

Our Company

     At Industrial Training Consultants, Inc. (ITC), we understand the power of education. We strive to provide an educational program uniquely designed to fit each client's specific needs. We are your education partner from needs analysis, to educational program development, to implementation and program maintenance.



     Founded in 1985, ITC was created to meet the industry's growing need for high quality, customized and site-specific technical educational programs. ITC has developed thousands of programs for a wide range of industry sectors.

Today, we continue to lead the way in technical education by combining the highest quality instructional design, comprehensive, detailed technical content, and revolutionary instructional technology.

All program development and production is performed in-house by our permanent, multi-disciplinary team, allowing us to maintain the highest program quality, project schedule, and client confidentiality. Our clients tell us that we provide the best product at the best price in the industry.


Product Evolution

     No single training method works for everyone, and we've developed our personal training  philosophy around that fact.

ITC's expertise is the development of customized, site-specific operator, maintenance, and safety education programs in a wide range of highly visual formats and media that facilitate ease of learning. 

Education entails much more than just training.

ITC's comprehensive educational program design not only educates operator and maintenance personnel on WHAT to do, but provides them with an understanding of the HOW's and WHY's.

     As a one-stop source for technical education, ITC also developed an extensive library of off-the-shelf and semi-customized programs geared to operations, maintenance, and safety.

In addition, ITC has developed revolutionary programs and software for training administration, needs assessment, knowledge management, and troubleshooting.

Through our blended solutions your team has 24/7 access to training, knowledge, and operations and maintenance resources. 

Knowledge is available as needed -- anywhere, anytime.

     Through our four decades of working to meet industry's needs, ITC has developed innovative programs and software that result in increased job understanding and satisfaction, increased safety awareness, reduced downtime, increased product quality, increased production, and Operational Excellence.

Let us assist you to realize the Power of education.